5 Ways to Make Your Penis Look Bigger!

5 simple ways to make penis look biggerHaving a bigger penis can make a man feel sexier and can also boosts our confidence and self esteem.

Here are 5 simple, but effective ways to make your penis look bigger!

#1. Having too much pubic hair can make the penis appear to be smaller. By trimming and cleaning up your pubic area it can make your penis appear to be larger. Grooming and hygiene is extremely important in both sexes. Women appreciate a man that takes care of his personal hygiene.

#2. Losing weight can make the penis appear to be larger. Getting rid of the extra weight hanging off your belly will make your penis look bigger not to mention shedding a few extra pounds makes everyone feel a little sexier.

#3. Take a long, hot shower before sex. This will serve to expand the blood vessels and to draw the blood flow to the penis. A slight expansion is likely and the arousal will bring even more blood to this area and create the illusion of a bigger penis. Hot, relaxing showers can also be a sexy beginning of your foreplay. Be sure to stay away from cold water such as showers and swimming pools, as we all know what that causes… significant shrinkage!

#4. The use of erection oils, creams, lotions, and herbal pill enhancers can also cause the penis to swell in size as well as be very sensitive to stimulation. Heightened pleasure due to an increase in stimulation during foreplay may contribute to a bigger sized penis. Always read all possible side effects when using pills, lotions, oils or creams.

#5. There are some very effective penis enlarging exercises that you can perform just prior to sex. Jelqing, also known as milking, is an easy hand exercise that can make your penis appear bigger.

The most important thing to remember in all of this is health and safety. Use common sense and always read labels before using or trying anything new to make penis your look bigger. Having a bigger penis can bring much happiness to you and you partner.

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