Penile Papules

What are Pearly Penile Papules and How Can You

Get Rid of Them Quickly, Easily and Permanently at

Home Without Embarrassing and Expensive Surgery

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of pearly penile papules before but never knew exactly what they were. And I bet you never thought you would end up getting them yourself.

Now looking down at your penis you see some small skin colored bumps and wonder what the heck are those.

Your doctor or best friend told you that they were called pearly penile papules, but you still didn’t have enough information to fully understand what this condition was, so here you are.

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Well first of all, removal is not necessary. However, pearly penile papules are most likely affecting your sex life, self esteem and confidence. Not to mention they can be pretty embarrassing during intimate times.

Do I have a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)?

Stop worrying about having a STD, as this is not the case with pearly penile papules. Pearly penile papules are a skin condition. This means that it only affects the skin and it is under no circumstances a disease.  These bumps have developed on your skin without any help from external factors.

You were probably surprised when your doctor told you that the exact cause of this skin condition has not yet been discovered, but this is true. Even though it’s known that this is not a STD or contagious disease of any kind, there is still no knowledge about the factors which produce this condition.

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Just like almost any other skin condition, the pearly penile papules can disappear in time. This means that as you get older, the number of small bumps may decrease significantly and eventually disappear all together. Also, there may be periods when you have less bumps on your penis and times when the number of bumps increases considerably, so you will have to learn how to cope with these fluctuations.

What are my treatment options?

One of the important things you should know about this condition is that it cannot be treated with medicine. One option you have to get rid of the small papules which have invaded your privacy is laser surgery, which will eliminate the bumps. However, this can be costly and extremely embarrassing.  It can be painful and may have some serious side effects.

Another option for permanently getting rid of your pearly penile papules is to use safe and natural remedies that you can perform in the privacy of your own home. And of course you can always do nothing, but you better learn how to live with this humiliating skin condition.

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