Penis Weights

If You’re Considering Hanging Weights From Your

Penis… STOP! There are Safer and More Effective

Methods You Can Use For Adding Length & Width!


You may have heard of a method for lengthen the penis by using weights. Penis weights are actually hung from the end of the penis for about 30 minutes per day to stretch it.

I strongly advise against this method, but if you are going to use weights please remember that they come in many different sizes. Be careful when choosing a size and weight and make sure that it’s just right for you.

You don’t want to start off with really heavy penis weights at first because you think it will help your penis grow faster. You should use lighter weights in the beginning then increase them over time.

Are Penis Weights Dangerous?

Hanging weights from your penis can be extremely dangerous and uncomfortable if not used properly. Weights have been know to cause permanent damage to the penis including scarring, stretch marks, thinning, nerve damage, decreased sensitivity, loss of sex drive, deformation and in some cases it may cut off the circulation leading to infection, gangrene, permanent impotence, and possibly amputation.

So always use common sense when considering any type of method to enlarge your penis. There are several natural ways to enlarge or lengthen your penis which have been proven to be effective and most importantly – safe! Again, I strongly recommend against using penis weights.

Here are Some Safer, More Effective Methods