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best penis extenderThe penis extender (a.k.a. stretching or traction device) is one of the newest methods to hit the penis enlargement market.

It’s becoming extremely popular with men looking for a simple and effective way to add some extra inches to their length and girth.

This traction device has also been proven to help men correct slight penile curvatures as well as men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease.

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How does the penis extender work?

The penis extender is basically a traction device that uses the human body’s natural growth function to change and develop if exposed to constant stimulation. It works by applying continuous tension to the tissue cells inside the Corpora Cavernosa chambers.

This constant pressure slowly stretches the cells over an extended period of time and the tissues in the penis begin to divide and multiply filling up the new space created by the traction. This process allows the penis chambers in the Corpora Cavernosa to hold more blood, resulting in increased penis length and girth.

This method was first founded by primitive tribes hundreds of years ago for lengthening necks, lips, ear lobes, and penises. So it is by no means a new technique. These tribes realized that the human body has the ability to adapt while under constant stimulation and build new cells and skin.

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Are penis extenders safe?

This method is 100% safe and painless because it gently stretches the penis over time. The device is easy to use and ware during normal daily or evening activities like sitting at your desk working, lounging on your sofa watching TV, or even at night while you’re asleep. This same type of method is used by doctors to treat patients that require traction to correct their injuries. So yes, it is very safe and it works!

What kind of gains can you expect?

Users are seeing significant gains of up to 3 inches in less than 12 months, but it really depends on how long you can afford ware the extender each day. One user who wore his device over 12 hours per day had reported that he gained over 3 inches in only two months. And the best part is, is that these results are permanent.

So as you can see the penis extender is a great method for enlarging your penis, however not all devices are created equal. Be sure to purchase your penis extender from a reputable company with guarantees and whose customers have raved about their results.

For even faster results, it’s always a good idea to use the penis extender along with a high potent penis enlargement pill and a high quality penis exercise program.

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